Healthy Eating: Calcium-Packed Fruit Smoothie Bowls

As we get older, it’s increasingly important to make sure we eat healthy meals, starting with breakfast. Fruit smoothie bowls have been in the news a lot these days and here’s why: they’re healthy, delicious and easy to make at home.

Smoothie bowls are blended in a similar way to a smoothie, only they’re thicker. They’re also served in a bowl instead of a glass and are more like a meal than a beverage.

Smoothie bowl with fruit and nuts

Start by using a blender rather than a food processor. Choose a blender with a sturdy base, one that can chop firm fruits and vegetables. The list of ingredients have endless variations but they usually consist of blended fruit/greens/ice/milk/yogurt and are topped with fruit, granola, seeds, nuts and dried fruits. For a more tropical smoothie bowl, add flaked coconut or slices of fresh mango.

Because they’re packed with nutrients, and high in vitamins, fiber and protein, they will keep you fuller longer. They’re also rich in calcium (from the milk and yogurt), which is important for bones and osteoporosis, and loaded with vitamin C (from the fresh/dried fruit and greens), which helps boost immunity.

To get started, follow these easy steps:

  1. Add fresh or frozen fruit to your blender.
  2. Pour your liquid of choice over the fruit (almond milk is a good option).
  3. Include one scoop of Vega Protein Smoothie powder.
  4. Add hard ingredients, such as unsalted nuts and seeds.
  5. Add soft ingredients, such as greens, banana or unsalted nut butter.
  6. Combine with ice.
  7. Pour in a bowl and garnish with toppings.

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